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The love of plants and nature has been a big part of our family for generations. My grandmother passed down that knowledge and wisdom to my mother,

who introduced me to the benefits of plants starting when I was a little girl.

Today, I am proud to announce my partnership with @gaiaherbs. Gaia Herbs is a brand I have used for over twenty years, whose products are well known for their purity, potency, and high quality.


This summer, I visited their farms and headquarters and witnessed their whole process up close.

I was impressed by the sense of purpose in everyone I met! The dedication and intention they put in from the seed to the harvest and production were incredible.

Somehow, I feel that I’m returning to my roots, and I am so excited to keep learning more every day about the awesome power of plants and herbs.

When we take care of nature, nature takes care of us. I hope you will learn with me and benefit as much as I do from their wonders.


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